How To Successfully Attract and Teach Mormons the Baha'i Faith

For Teachers of Mormon Seekers (T.O.M.S.)

1) 99% of Mormons will NOT be attracted to the Faith via the Standard Message (i.e. the Baha'i Principles).

2) "Mormons" can be divided into the following categories:

*TBMs (True Believing Mormons). Conservative. Go to Church every Sunday. True believers. They can be further divided into:

**Orthodox (never questions, puts full faith and trust in Church leaders/very conservative politically)
**Conservative (believers, but think that Church leaders "sometimes" make mistakes/conservative politically)
**Moderate (believers, but have 'questions' and believe that Church leaders are not infallible as Orthodox Mormons believe: also moderate in political views)

*CMs (Cultural Mormons). Go to Church every Sunday, "say" they are Believers, but they are not. They go to Church because their wife or husband, and parents, brothers, sisters, boss, co-workers, expect it. They are playing a "role". Their "real" personal belief is atheistic or agnostic. They "play the role" of a TBM because if they didn't, their wife/husband would divorce them, their Mormon family would shun them, and they might lose their job, or lose job promotions.

*Jack Mormons. True Believers who don't go to Church because they smoke, or drink, or take drugs, and Mormons shun them. Yet they remain believers, but they have bad habits. Or they are insane. Mormons shun them, so they stop going to Church.

*"Sunstone" Mormons. Liberal Mormons. Most like Baha'is. About 15% of Utah and Arizona Mormons are "Sunstone" Mormons. About 10% of Mormons outside of Utah and Arizona are "Sunstone" Mormons. Named after the Liberal Mormon publication "Sunstone". Usually believe in God but don't define what "God" is. Often accepts a belief in the Afterlife. Usually attend Church for social and family reasons, like Cultural Mormons. Don't trust Church leaders. Many Sunstone Mormons are actually "too Liberal" for the Baha'i Faith, and would not accept what the Baha'i Faith has to say about homosexuality or about no women on the Universal House of Justice. "Sunstone" Mormons believe that the Mormon Church is evolving and will, eventually, come around to their own way of thinking. Just a matter of time. They are moderate to liberal politically.

*Inactive Mormons ("Inactives"). Never go to Church. Usually don't believe in religion. Often smoke and/or drink. Their Mormon family usually shuns them, but not always. Most turned off by all forms of organized religion.

3) The only Mormons who will be "open" to the Baha'i Message are:

*Moderate TBMs (True Believing Mormons who sometimes "question" the teachings and policies of Church leaders)

*"Sunstone" Mormons (Liberal Mormons)

Orthodox Mormons, Conservative Mormons, Cultural Mormons, Jack Mormons, and Inactive Mormons, will NOT be interested or "open" to the Baha'i Message.

4) Teachers of Mormon Seekers (TOMS) should become very familiar with the articles linked at Read them all at least 3 times over a three week period.

5) It is NOT necessary for TOMS to read The Book of Mormon. That would be a waste of time and effort.

6) It is NOT necessary for TOMS to become "experts" in Mormon history and doctrine. That would be a waste of time and effort. All TOMS need to do is to become very familiar with the articles linked at and to always refer Mormon Seekers to that website.

7) Do NOT serve coffee, tea, or caffeinated sodas at any Fireside where Mormons may attend. That would be like serving a Muslim or an Orthodox Jew PORK! Serve only decaffeinated soft drinks (root bear, sprite, etc.). You may serve pizza, or cookies, or any dish with pork to Mormons. But don't serve coffee or tea or caffeinated sodas (coca cola, Dr. Pepper, Red Bull, etc.).

8) Mormons are accustomed to hearing the word "AMEN" at the end of a prayer.

9) NEVER refer to Baha'u'llah as a "Prophet" around Mormons. Always refer to Him as:

*"The Spirit of Truth"

*"The Holy Ghost incarnate"

*"The Heavenly Father"

REPEAT: NEVER REFER TO BAHA'U'LLAH AS A "PROPHET" AROUND MORMONS OR MORMON SEEKERS!!!. That would only confuse them. Use the title listen above.

10) Do NOT use Anti-Mormon literature or claims/arguments to try to destroy the Faith of a Mormon at a Fireside or anywhere else. You will only make the True Believing Mormons your arch enemy.

11) NEVER say: "We don't recognize Joseph Smith as a Prophet" but say: "We don't accept Joseph Smith as a Prophet in the Baha'i sense of the word 'Prophet', but he may have been a Seer."

12) If a Mormon Seeker becomes argumentative, then had him a Baha'i pamphlet and thank him for coming to the Fireside, but don't engage him.

13) If you believe that Joseph Smith was a false prophet/charlatan, then DO NOT become a TOMS, and DO NOT show up at Firesides and try to teach Mormons. Also, do NOT try to force your Baha'i Community to all think as you do. If some in your Community believe that Joseph Smith was a Seer, allow them to hold that personal belief, and allow them to share that personal belief with others without you trying to bully them or force them to remain silent.

14) Do NOT attack Joseph Smith or the current President of the Mormon Church around Mormons.

15) The best books for Mormon Seekers are:

*The Challenge of Baha'u'llah by Gary L. Matthews

*Thief in the Night by William Sears

16) NOTHING will convince Orthodox Mormons that the Baha'i Faith is true. Nothing. However, "Moderate" Mormons will be convinced "if" they read the articles linked at:

17) Many "Sunstone" (Liberal) Mormons believe that Joseph Smith was a fraud, and they will wonder why Baha'is believe that Joseph Smith was once a Seer. Say to them:

"The Baha'i Faith has no official pronouncement upon Joseph Smith, other than that we do not accept him as a Prophet in the Baha'i sense of that term. However, Shoghi Effendi, the great-grandson of Baha'u'llah, and the Guardian of the Faith, apparently believed that Joseph Smith was a Seer. But he didn't mandate that the Baha'is agree with him on that point. Baha'is are free to accept, or reject, Joseph Smith as a Seer. Most Baha'is have no opinion about Joseph Smith. The Baha'i Revelation does not rest upon whether Joseph Smith was inspired of God or not."

Note: "Sunstone" Mormons remain in the Mormon Church because that is their "culture" although most of them do not believe that Joseph Smith was a Prophet. Some Sunstone Mormons don't even believe in God or the Afterlife. They still call themselves "Mormons" because that is their culture, their "tribe" if you will. Their family, their friends, their co-workers, their bosses, their employees, their neighbors are usually Mormons. They see being a Mormon as a cultural, not religious, identity (like most Jews see themselves as "Jews" but don't follow, believe, nor practice the religion of Judaism).

18) Do NOT be shocked or dismayed that 99% of Mormons won't be attracted to the Baha'i Faith, because of the "12 Principles". 99% of the world's population are NOT interested in becoming Baha'is, because Baha'is believe in race unity, equality of women, universal language, etc.

19) True Believing Mormons (TBMs) will ONLY join the Baha'i Faith "if" they believe:

*Joseph Smith was a true Seer who prophesied (praw-fess-side) of Baha'u'llah in the capacity of a Seer.

*Baha'u'llah is the Holy Ghost incarnate/the Spirit of Truth.

*'Abdu'l-Baha fulfilled Mormon prophecies concerning the "coming of the Lord to His temple" like "a thief in the night" in late September, 1912.

20) Most "Sunstone" (Liberal) Mormons will be turned off by the Baha'i Faith, and no longer interested in it, when they hear the following:

*Baha'u'llah was a polygamist

*No women are allowed on the Universal House of Justice

*Homosexuality is considered sinful and "forbidden" in Baha'i Holy Law

21) Ex-Mormons who have resigned from the LDS Church, will NOT be interested in the Baha'i Faith because most of them no longer believe in God or the Afterlife, and those few ex-Mormons who still believe in God are now conservative Evangelical Christians, and the Baha'i Faith, to Evangelical Christians, seemed to be an utterly blasphemous anti-Christ religion founded by Satan.

21) The ONLY WAY to attract a large number of Mormon Seekers is to ADVERTISE in student newspapers in Utah such as:

*The Utah Valley University (Orem) student newspaper.

*The Southern Utah University (Cedar City) student newspaper.

*The Utah State University (Logan) student newspaper.

*The University of Utah (Salt Lake City) student newspaper.

*Dixie State University (St. George) student newspaper.

*The Mesa Community College (Mesa, Arizona) student newspaper.

*The Chandler-Gilbert Community College (Chaldler, Arizona) student newspaper.

Note: Brigham Young University (Provo) will NOT accept any Baha'i advertisements.

Note: Printing the "Baha'i Principles" in these newspapers will attract a very "small" amount of Seekers, and the Seekers attracted will usually be "turned off" to the Faith once they hear the following:

*Homosexuality is considered sinful in the Baha'i Faith.

*No women can serve on the Universal House of Justice.

*It is forbidden by Baha'is to participate in even peaceful protests or partisan politics.

22) The Friends will get a HUGE amount of Mormon Seekers if they advertise the following in the above mentioned student newspapers:


Note: It is just that simple! Don't complicate it. Make this simple ad as large as possible, and to run for as many weeks as possible, in the student newspapers. Students will be the most likely to change their religion, and to have the time to "investigate" the Baha'i Faith.

23) NEVER say to a Mormon "There is no Satan". Say:

"Baha'is are taught that Satan is not a man, not a human being, but rather the ego within us all."

24) NEVER say to a Mormon: "We think the Book of Mormon is fiction" or "We don't accept The Book of Mormon as scriptural or inspired of God" but say:

"The Book of Mormon may be historical, or fictional, or inspired fiction like a parable. The Book of Mormon was NOT written to convince the Jew and Gentile ("jen-tile") that Joseph Smith was a Prophet. The Book of Mormon was written to convince Jew and Gentile that Jesus is the Christ. Baha'is already accept Jesus as the Christ! We don't need another book to convince us that Jesus is the Christ."

25) It is BEST to direct Mormon Seekers to the website:

The material on that website, and linked to it, is the most convincing material that any True Believing Mormon will ever read. The website clearly tells the Reader the following:

*The website is NOT official.

*The website contains many personal opinions which many Baha'is may not share.

*Baha'is may hold "personal opinions" about things, and disagree on certain things, such as Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon.

*Joseph Smith "may" have been a Seer, or a fraud: Baha'is can choose either, or none.

*Joseph Smith is NOT a "Prophet" in the Baha'i sense of the word "Prophet" but he "may" have been a Seer, and he "may" have prophesied (praw-fess-side) of Baha'u'llah in the capacity of a "Seer".

26) Inviting Mormon friends and neighbors to a Baha'i Fireside talking about "world peace" or "equality of men and women" or "universal auxiliary language" or "esperanto" or any of the other Principles DOES NOT WORK with Mormons! It has not worked in the past,and it will NOT work now or in the future.
27) About Mormons do NOT refer to "The Mormon Church" but always say "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints". Refer to Mormons as "Latter-day Saints" and NOT a "Mormons" or even "LDS".
28) Do NOT become argumentative with Mormon Seekers, or with Baha'is who try to "force" their own opinion or beliefs upon others.

Use these 28 Tips and your Community and/or Cluster will attract a great amount of sincere Mormon Seekers to the Faith. Thank you! "Joseph Smith was a Seer, not a Prophet; neither major nor minor. He had a high standard, but the Baha'is have a higher standard coupled with God's power that comes direct from God for this age." (Shoghi Effendi, Pilgrim notes of Ramona Browne, in Memories of 'Abdu'l-Baha, p.117)