The First Vision of Muhammad

In the year 610 A.D., a good and righteous man named Muhammad ("Highly Praised One") was praying and fasting in a cave in the mountains near Mecca. A "man" appeared in his cave, as a thief in the night, and shouted "RECITE!"! Muhammad replied, "But I cannot read!" The man again shouted "RECITE!". Startled, Muhammad ran outside, and the "man" was standing in the air upon the horizon. The man identified himself as the Angel Gabriel. Over the next 20 years, he would appear to Muhammad in visions, and teach him 114 divinely inspired poems called "The Recital" (al-Qur'an).

The Qur'an (khoorr-rawn) contains stories from the Bible, and other places, as well as instructions about how to live our lives, inheritance, punishments for crimes, descriptions of the Afterlife, etc. It is the second-most read book in the entire world.

Muhammad was known to most by his nickname "AMEEN" ("Faithful and True"). He was known as an honest trader and excellent archer. He told of his visions to others, but most thought he was lying, or crazy, or had seen a Jinn (evil spirit). The first one to believe in Muhammad was his cousin Ali (aw-lee) son of Talib. But, over a few decades, thousands of Arabs came to believe in Muhammad, that he was a Prophet, a Messenger of ALLAH (Arabic: "ThEE God"). The followers of Muhammad became known as MUSLIMS ("moos-leemzz"); meaning "Submitters" to the Will of God.

Muhammad called his religion ISLAAM: which means "Peaceful Submission" to the Will of God.

The pagan Arab tribes tried to destroy Muhammad, but the Muslims fought back and won all their battles. More and more pagan Arabs became Muslims, until Muhammad conquered all of Arabia south of Iraq. Then Muhammad died.

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