THY KINGDON COME IN 1891! (8 pages)

Dear Latter-day Saints,

The 1891 prophecies of Joseph Smith were fufilled in Baha'u'llah (baw-HAW-Ohl-LAW), a Persian Prophet and descendant of King David Who appeared upon Mount Carmel, in red apparel, in 1891 to announce He was the Son of Man, the Spirit of Truth, and the Holy Ghost Incarnate. He is the Founder of the Baha'i Faith: an independent world religion with over 7 million Baha'is (baw-highzz) in over 120 countries. His Son, 'Abdu'l-Baha (awb-dull baw-HAW) knocked on the East Door of the Salt Lake Temple in September of 1912 in the glorious red robes of His Father. O Seeker of Truth, this is going to be the most important article you will ever read!

On the the 6th of April, 1843, Joseph Smith declared:

There are those of the rising generation who shall not taste death til Christ comes." (Joseph Smith, General Conference, 6 April 1843, quoted in The Words of Joseph Smith, p.179)
The Holy Ghost said to Joseph the Seer:
"And the Lord shall be red in his apparel like him that treadeth the wine vat,..." (D&C 133:48, RLDS D&C 108:9c)
In Nauvoo, Illinois, on August 27th, 1843, Joseph Smith declared:
"The Holy Ghost is now [1843] in a state of probation which if he should perform in righteousness he may pass through the same or a similar course of things that the Son has." (Joseph Smith, The Words of Joseph Smith, p. 245; Sabbath address, 27 August 1843)
The term "state of probation" comes from The Book of Mormon, and refers to a mortal life on Earth (1 Nephi 10:21, Nephi 2:2,30, and 33:9, Mormon 9:28). Joseph Smith said that "now" (1843) the Holy Ghost was in "a state of probation" somewhere on planet Earth. Where was He? Who was He?

Joseph Smith never claimed to be the Holy Ghost incarnate (although some "Fundamentalist" Mormons claim it for him). But Baha'u'llah (1817-1892), the founding Prophet of the Baha'i Faith, did claim to be the Holy Ghost Incarnate--the Spirit of Truth!

In 1843 a Baptist named William Miller said he had calculated Bible prophecies and came to the conclusion that Christ would return in the year 1843 (he made a recalculation later and put it at 1844). Joseph Smith also heard of the claims of Miller, and decided to inquire of the LORD about this. A Voice told him that if he lived until he was 85 years of age he would "see the Face of the Son of Man" (D&C 130). Joseph Smith would turn 85 on Dec. 23, 1890. For all but 9 days, he would be 85 years old in the year 1891.

That was not all! He would make several other prophecies that would point to the year 1891.

On April 6th, 1843, Joseph Smith made the following prophecy:

"I was once praying earnestly upon the subject, and a voice said unto me, My son, if thou livest till thou art 85 years of age, thou shalt see the Face of the Son of Man--I was left to draw my own conclusions concerning this & took the liberty to conclude that if I did live till that time He would make His appearance or I shall go where He is--I prophesy in the name of the Lord God--& let it be written, that the Son of Man will not come in the heavens till I am 85 years old, 48 years hence or about 1890." (Diary of Joseph Smith, April 6, 1843, quoted in The Revelations of Joseph Smith, p.345)
48 years "hence" of 1843 is 1891 (1843+48=1891).

In 1835, Joseph Smith had a vision from the Holy Spirit that the coming of the LORD would be in the year 1891. For all save a few days, Joseph Smith would be aged 85 in the year 1891. In the History of the Church (published by the Church) for February 14, 1835 (reported by his secretary Franklin D. Richards) it says:

"President Smith then stated that the meeting had been called, because God commanded it; and it was made known to him by vision and by the Holy Spirit***and it was the will of God that those who went to Zion, with a determination to lay down their lives, if necessary, should be ordained to the ministry, and go forth to prune the vineyard for the last time, or the coming of the Lord, which was nigh--even fifty-six years should wind-up the scene." (D.H.C. 2:182)
In the Index (vol. 7) of the History of the Church , under "Second Coming", we find the following: "Joseph indicates would be in fifty-six years V2:182".
The year 1835 + 56 years = 1891

The early "Brethren" (Mormon leaders) believed that Christ would come and establish His Kingdom in the year 1891; based upon the 1835 and 1843 prophecies of Joseph Smith. A few questions for the Reader:

Q1. When will the Holy Ghost, Who is a Spirit-Man, come down to Earth to get a body?

Q2. Will the Holy Ghost perform some great Divine Mission on Earth, or merely come to Earth to get a body and work at some ordinary job or career?

Q3. Will the Holy Ghost be some great Prophet, or just an ordinary human being like everybody else?

Q4. Was Joseph Smith the incarnation of the Holy Ghost, or will the Holy Ghost be some other Man?

Q5. Do the 1891 prophecies of Joseph Smith (i.e. the Son of Man would come in the year 1891 in red apparel), have to do with the Second Coming of Jesus, or with the coming Incarnation (embodiment) of the Holy Ghost?

I would like to bare you my testimony of the following:

I. The Holy Ghost has already come down to get a body! He was born in Persian (Iran) in the year 1817, and died in 1892 in the Holy Land. He was a direct descendant of King David of Israel and King Cyrus of Persia.

II. He was not an ordinary man, but a Great Prophet Who wrote a number of divinely-inspired books and epistles! Today, He has over 7 million followers worldwide!

III. He was born with the name Mirza Húsein-Ali Núri (Arabic: "Prince Beauty Exalted of Light"). He had Núr ("Light") as a "covering" (sur-name). He took the name-title of BAHÁ'U'LLÁH (baw-haw-ohL-LAW); which in Arabic means "The Glory of God".

IV. He announced to the world-at-large that He was the promised "Son of Man" in the year 1891, wearing red apparel, on the northern slopes of Mount Carmel, in Palestine (now Israel).

V. His Eldest Son, 'Abdu'l-Baha (awb-dull baw-HAW), Whom many considered to be the reincarnation of Jesus, appeared in Salt Lake City in September of 1912, and knocked on the East Door of the Salt Lake Temple; wearing the glorious red robe of His Father.

Baha'u'llah (baw-haw-ohL-LAW) was a Great Prophet, higher and greater than other prophets (He was the Holy Ghost --the ONE Who inspired the prophets). He is the Founder of the Baha'i Faith (baw-high faith); a world-wide independent world religion with over 7 million Baha'is (baw-highzz) in over 120 countries.The Baha'i Faith is headquartered at the Baha'i World Center, on the northern slopes of Mount Carmel, in Haifa, Israel next to the Holy Shrine of The Báb on Mount Carmel (right). The Baha'i Faith is the Millennial Kingdom of God on Earth in embryo. It will not be "born" until after "The Calamity"; an epic worldwide event. Early Mormon apostles believed the Millennial Kingdom would be established, somehwere on this planet, in the year 1891 They referred to it as "THE KINGDOM".

In 1891, in General Conference, Elder Charles W. Penrose (a Mormon apostle) said:

"Did not all the Prophets of old look forward to such a time, and did not our Savior send His disciples to proclaim that THE KINGDOM was at hand? He gave a great many parables concerning THE KINGDOM. He compared it, among other things, to a grain of mustard seed that grew and became the greatest tree on earth. That is, commencing with a small beginning, but, like all God's works, gradually growing and developing until fully complete. The prophet Daniel saw it as the 'little stone', cut out of the mountain without hands, which smote the great image and shattered its remnants to the four winds, and then became a great mountain and filled the whole earth, which is our birthplace according to the flesh and our future home and heaven. The earth fulfills the law of its creation and shall therefore be glorified and become a fit dwelling place for the sanctified, fit for the Presence of God and clothed with His glory. The Church and THE KINGDOM are not identical, although they are closely connected. In the Church is the Gospel of the Kingdom. It is a preparation for that Divine Government. IT will not be fully established until Christ comes, who is the King. As members of the Church we are commanded to be subject to the governments under which we live, as long as they exist, for 'the powers that be are ordained of God,' but we are approaching a time when all things on earth must give way to the HEAVENLY KINGDOM. The kingdom of this world are to become the KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS CHRIST. Let us prepare ourselves for the events that are coming, and when we pray: 'Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,' do our part in the work to prepare for its advent." (Collected Discourses 2:188-9, emphasis added)
In the year 1890, in Conference, Elder B. H. Roberts (Church historian and Seventy) said:
"Before another General Conference shall be reached we shall have entered upon the year 1891. In the Book of Doctrines and Covenants, section 130, Joseph Smith was promised that if he lived until 1891, he would see the face of the Son of Man. On February 14th, 1835, at a meeting where certain Elders, they were told by Joseph that they were called to go forth to prune the vineyard for the last time, before the coming of Christ, even 56 years should wind-up the scene. 1835 plus 56 years also brings us to the year 1891! These circumstances have called the Saints to believe that some great epoch will open at that time--the year following the present [1891]. My faith in the matter is whatever the Lord has in mind to accomplish in that year will be performed. It may be something, however, that would scarcely create a ripple. The organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was one of the greatest events in the history of the world. It was organized with six members, and but little was known concerning it even in the neighborhood where it occurred, at the time. It may be that the greatness of what shall occur in 1891 will not be comprehended until succeeding years." (Collected Discourses 2:105-6)
Many of the Mormons in 1890 expected Jesus to return in the clouds of the sky in 1891; with thousands of angels in tow, spitting fire-balls upon the wicked nations of the earth and wiping Jackson County clean of inhabitants so that they could return and build the city of New Jerusalem. Some even prepared hand-carts for the return journey. Elder Roberts told them not to expect such a dramatic occurance, but--like the organization of the Church at Farmington New York in the year 1830--what was going to happen in the year 1891 may even be unnoticed by those right next to the event!

Joseph Smith prophecied in the name of the LORD that the Son of Man would UNVEIL HIS FACE in the years 1891! IF even one of Joseph Smith's prophecies were false then he MUST be dismissed as a FALSE PROPHET and the Church false as well! There is no middle-ground! No excuses or explain-aways can be accepted!

Jehovah told Moses that if a prophet appears and prophesies a thing, and that thing come not to pass, then the LORD did NOT send that man, and he is a FALSE PROPHET! The LORD said:

"When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word which the LORD has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously, you need not be afraid of him" (Deuteronomy 18:22)
In other words, if a man claims to be a Prophet, and makes prophecies, and those prophecies "fail" to come to pass (fail to occur), then that man is a false prophet, and people should not be "afraid" (subservient) to him; because the LORD has not spoken to him (i.e. he is a false prophet). Did the 1891 prophecies of Joseph Smith "come to pass"? We say THEY DID, but not as Mormons expected.

In 1886, Mormon apostle Moses Thatcher declared before a gathering of Mormons in the Salt Lake Tabernacle:

"Our deliverance will be within 5 years; the time indicated by Joseph's [Feb. 14, 1832] prophecy will be February 14, 1891." (Salt Lake Tribune, 10 April 1886)

In 1887, the LDS Church printed and distributed a book by Elder Robert Smith (a 2nd cousin of Joseph Smith), to be "used by teachers in Sunday Schools" (it was an official Church publication). Elder Robert Smith wrote:

"Now, we will prove by the prophet Joseph Smith that the same year, 1891, is the commencement of the reign of righteousness. In Section 130, Doctrine and Covenants, Joseph was told that if he lived to be 85 years old he would live to see the scene wound up or the Redeemer on the earth. He was born December 23rd, 1805, and if we give him the 85 years, we could not count the year 1805, we should have to count 1806, as the year 1805 was mostly gone before he was born, therefore, we have 1806 and 85, making 1891; again in the year 1835 Joseph was told positively that 56 years would wind up the scene, which we believe was the reign of iniquity and transgression: 56 and 1835 are 1891. Thus we have abundant proof that that year will begin the reign of righteousness, and God's people be acknowledged, for the earth is to be given to them. He has said: 'Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.'" (A Series of Lectures on the Fulfillment of Prophecy, 1887, pp.39-40)
Mormon leaders told rank-and-file Mormons over and over gain to expect "THE KINGDOM" to be established somewhere on Earth in 1891!

On January 1st 1891, Wilford Woodruff (the 4th President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) wrote in is diary:

"Jan 1, 1891. This is New Year's Day, and the year that has been looked upon by many as one of the more important years in the world." (Jounal of Wilford Woodruff, Jan. 1, 1891)
Tens of thousand of Latter-day Saints, from Mormon apostles to rank-and-file Mormons, believed that the "Son of Man" was coming "in red apparel" in the year 1891 to establish "THE KINGDOM".

What happened?

When Jesus failed to appear in the sky over Salt Lake City in 1891, riding upon a cloud, the Mormons said: "The Lord has delayed His coming!"

Truly did Jesus say, "that evil servant shall say in his heart, My Lord delayeth His coming." (Matt. 14:48)

Truly did the LORD say unto Joseph the Seer: "...and they shall say that Christ delayeth his coming until the end of the earth." (D&C 45:26)

There are over 7 MILLION people on earth today that believe that Christ did NOT delay His coming, but came on schedule.

We believe that "Jesus Christ" was composed of TWO Divine Beings: the Holy Ghost and the WORD of God. Christ was the Holy Ghost that dwelt "in" Jesus, from His baptism in the Jordan until the Cross. The WORD of God is the soul/individuality of Jesus, Who was born of a Mary, a virgin, and was raised from the dead.

When Jesus said "The Father is IN me" He meant that literally! The Holy Ghost "dwelt IN" Jesus.

We believe that the Holy Ghost "returned" in the Person of Baha'u'llah (baw-HAW-ohL-LAW), Who appeared in the Holy Land, on Mount Carmel, in the year 1891, in red garments.

We believe that the WORD of God "returned" in the Person of 'Abdu'l-Baha (awb-dull baw-HAW), the Son of Baha'u'llah, Who appeared in Salt Lake City, in September of 1912, and knocked on the East Door of the Salt Lake Temple, in the glorious red robes of His Father.

Lyman Wight, an early Mormon apostle, prophesied in 1832 that some of those living in 1832 would still be alive when Jesus returned.

Joseph Smith prophesied in 1835 that the coming of the Lord was nigh (near), even "fifty-six years should wind-up the scene" and in 1843 that "there are those of the rising generation who shall not taste death" and that the coming of the Son of Man was "48 years hence" (1891).

Wilford Woodruff prophecied that Jesus would visit the "Zion of God" (Salt Lake Temple) when He returned, before those living in 1898 were dead.

Brigham Young prophesied that Jesus Christ would "suddenly" (unexpectantly) come to His Temple (the Salt Lake Temple), but "few" in the Church would recognize Him when He came as a thief in the night.

The Mormon say...these men made "honest mistakes" or the Lord has delayed His coming because the Latter-day Saints were "not ready".

We say....these men were right!

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