How To Contact the Baha'is

From anywhere in the continental U.S. (48 states) just dial 1-800-228-6483 toll-free!

The Salt Lake Baha'i Center is located at 2358 East 1700 South Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84108. It is located one block west of Foothill Blvd on 1700 South, on the south side of the street in a red brick home with a sign "Baha'i Center" near the front door. The home is 4 houses west of the Montessori Center on the south side of the street. Call: (801) 582-2026. Call before you visit! The Center has a bookstore and free lending library. You can contact the Bahá'ís of Logan Utah at or call (435) 753-5999. From anywhere else call 1-800-228-6483. The Bahá'ís have Communities in Salt Lake, Ogden, Layton, Farmington, Logan, and Sandy. If you do NOT live in the Continental U.S. (48-states), then go to WWW.BAHAI.ORG and then click on "Worldwide Community".

Call the Friends (Baha'is) today! They will welcome you with open arms!
Free literature mailed to your home:
Salt Lake City: (801) 582-2026
Logan: (425) 753-5999
Toll-free (anywhere from the 48 states):


Every Bahá'í Community (congregation) has a Public Information Meeting. These Meetings are called:

"Firesides" or "Devotionals" or "Seekers Meetings"

They are...

*60 to 90 minutes in lenth
*Dress is casual
*Sometimes a DVD about the Faith is shown.
*There is a Question and Answer Period
*Refreshments (like at a Church Dance) are served.
*No child-care is provided.
*No donations of any kind can be accepted.
*Smoking is allowed outside, and smokers are NEVER shunned!

All are invited! Just call 1-800-228-6493 and say "My name is ___________. I'm a Seeker, and I'd like to attend a Meeting for Seekers. My number is ________________. You can best reach me after ________."

If you need a ride, just ask for one! GO IN PEACE!

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