Joseph Smith's 1891 Prophecies FULFILLED!


Dear Reader,

O say, what is TRUTH?

a) Whatever we "want" to be true.

b) Whatever our family tells us is true.

c) Whatever our Church leaders tell us is true.

d) Whatever "is" true.

The correct answer is "d". TRUTH is what "IS". Nothing more, nothing less. We can either accept it, or reject it. But, if we reject it, TRUTH is still TRUTH!

Mormons say, "The Truth, the Truth, we have the Truth, there can be no more Truth unless it comes from our leaders!"

But, your "leaders" cannot give you any more Truth. "Prophets" who do not prophesy are not prophets. "Seers" who do not see supernatural visions are not seers. "Revelators" who do not receive "Thus Saith the Lord" Revelations (as did Joseph Smith) are not revelators. They are "prophets" in name only. You know that! Don't you? Why not finally admit it to yourself?

There are five kinds of people:

*Sheep (blind followers--they regect any fact they don't agree with)
*Shoppers (chose a religion or philosophy that they agree with--that they "fancy"--they reject any fact they don't agree with)
*Sleepers (have no thoughts about God or religion--seek only a comfortable life--they reject any fact they don't agree with)
*Skeptics (atheists--think they are wise and all religionists to be fools--think they are far superior to religionists--they reject any fact they don't agree with)
*Seekers (those who seek the Truth, and accept the Truth and FACT regardless of whether they fancy it or not!)

Most Mormons are Sheep; like most other religionists. But, about 1 in 50 is a Seeker of Truth. It was for the Seekers of Truth that this website was created.

You are going to be presented with a set of facts. You may not agree with these facts. As the saying goes: "A man convinced against his will....is of the same opinion still." Only a few reading this--Seekers of Truth--those with their third eye open will accept these facts, because only about 1 in every 50 people are Seekers of Truth; those who accept the truth from whence it may come. The rest of us are not Seekers of Truth, but seekers of personal material gain. It is for the few Seekers of Truth that this book was written! The 1 in 50 who have a third eye open, and will accept the TRUTH whatever the consequences.

Here are THE FACTS:

1. The "Face of the Son of Man" appearing in 1891 refers to the Holy Ghost Incarnate (Baha'u'llah) not to Jesus. Joseph Smith saw Jesus' face in 1820 and again in 1836 (inside the Kirtland Temple). Why would the LORD promise that "if" Joseph Smith lived to 1891 he would "see the Face of the Son of Man" (D&C 130:15) when Joseph Smith already saw Jesus' face twice? It makes no sense at all unless the "Son of Man" refers to the coming incarnation of the Holy Ghost.

2. Joseph Smith said in 1843 that the "Holy Ghost is now in a state of probation"; a term meaning a mortal life on this planet. Somewhere in 1843, the Holy Ghost was a mortal Man.

3. Joseph Smith told his good friend, George Hinkle, that Muhammad was "a good man and a true Prophet of God". At the time (1830s) all Christians believed that Muhammad was a very evil false Prophet inspired by the Devil.

4. The Báb proclaimed in 1260 A.H. (1844 A.D.) that He was the "return" of the Imaam Mehdi, and was establishing "the True Faith". He said that a Greater One would come after Him: the "B" and "H" and "He Whom God Shall Make Manifest". At the execution of The Báb a great miracle occurred; fulfilling the old Muslim prophecy that Shi'ites would kill the Imaam Mehdi.

5. Baha'u'llah wore red apparel; because His wardrobe was burned in Baghdad, and Baha'i women made for Him a new wardrobe our of red Persian drapery. In 1891 He climbed Mount Carmel to the spot where the German Templers expected Christ to descend, and recited the Tablet of Carmel; His announcement to the World that He was the Promised One.

6. The Endowment Ceremony symbolically points to Four Men (4 marks): The Báb (white clothing, fig leaves, prayer circles, shawl over right shoulder instead of left), and Baha'u'llah (the Lord Behind the Veil, Who sat behind white veils in His room in Akka, Israel, nobody could enter His presence without knowing certain secret "signs and tokens"--His Kingdom is the "Celestial Kingdom of God" on earth) and 'Abdu'l-Baha ("The Son"), and Shoghi Effendi.

7. "Jesus Christ" was a combination of two Divine Beings in one body; the Father (Spirit of Truth), and the Son (WORD of God). They dwelt in one body 2,000 years ago as "Jesus Christ". They would return 1800 years later as a literal "Father" and "Son".

8. 'Abdu'l-Baha was the WORD! He came to Salt Lake City in September of 1912, but only a few Mormons--those with acute spiritual insight (a third eye) could "see" (recognize) Him. He came not riding "on" a cloud (as Mormons expected), but "in" a cloud (veil). He knocked on the East Door of the Salt Lake Temple, in the red robes of His Father, but was not let in. He tried to meet with Mormon Church President Joseph F. Smith (the newphew of Joseph Smith), but was rudely refused an audience. Brigham Young said in 1857 that "few" Mormons would recognize the Lord when He came to them.

9. Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian of the Faith, several times referred to Joseph Smith as a "Seer"; meaning a non-prophet who speaks with angels. Baha'is cannot accept Joseph Smith as a Prophet; because a "Prophet" in the Faith means an incarnation of a Name/Attribute of God; an infallible human. But Baha'is can accept, or reject, Joseph Smith as an inspired but fallible Seer. They cannot accept The Book of Mormon as infallible "Scripture" but they can accept, or reject, The Book of Mormon as a non-historical divine prophetic parable about the future of America.

10. Baha'is are promised eternal marriage and eternal families and eternal life "if" they reach an "exated state" of spirituality in this life and inherit Paradise (Jawbawrroot) in the Afterlife; by truly accepting and following the Holy Spirit of Promise, Who is Baha'u'llah~The Glory of God.

If Joseph Smith's 1891 prophecies "failed to come to pass" then we must dimiss him as a false prophet! No excuses. No "explain-aways". Simple as that.

But we testify that his 1891 prophecies were FULFILLED...in the person of Baha'u'llah, the Holy Ghost incarnate!

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