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Holy Shrine of The Báb. Baha'i World Centre. Haifa, Israel


THE BAHA'I FAITH is an independent World Religion with over six million Believers in over 120 countries. There are about 170,000 Baha'is (baw-highzz) in the U.S., and about 1000 in Utah (mostly in the greater Salt Lake City area). The Baha'i Faith is not a "church" but a world religion: like Islam, or Buddhism, or Christianity. The Baha'i Revelation is considered the most recent, but not last, Revelation of God to mankind:

The Glory of God

The Baha'i Faith was founded in Baghdad, Iraq, in 1863 by BAHA'U'LLAH (baw-HAH-oh-LAHHH), which in Arabic means "THE GLORY OF GOD". Baha'is believe that Baha'u'llah (born Mirza Husein-Ali Nuri in Iran in 1817) is....

*The Spirit of Truth in the flesh
*The Holy Ghost incarnate
*The Supreme Manifestation of God on the Father on this planet.
*The World Teacher
*The Messenger of God for Our Age
*The Promised One
*The Holy Spirit of Promise
*The Heavenly Father in the flesh

The Spirit of Truth is Now Come

We believe that Bahá'u'lláh (1817-1892) was the Incarnation of the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Truth. Jesus said:

"Howbeit when he, the Spirit of Truth is come, he will guide you unto all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak; and he will shew you things to come. He shall glorify me.... (John 16:13-14)

Bahá'u'lláh wrote:

"Verily, He Who is the Spirit of Truth is now come to guide you unto all truth. He speaketh not as prompted by His own self, but as bidden by Him Who is the All-Wise. Say, this is the One Who hath glorified the Son and hath exalted His Cause. (Tablets of Bahá'u'lláh, p.12)

Baha'i Public Meetings

We do not expect you to accept Baha'u'llah as the Spirit of Truth, just because He claimed to be so. However, if you want to "know" if He is or not, then you must "hear" the Words of Baha'u'llah being recited, by a Baha'i, in a Baha'i prayer, given at the beginning of a Baha'i Public Meeting (Fireside or Devotional). As you listen to His Words being recited your soul will vibrate! It is like NO FEELING you have ever had. This is NOT a "burning in the bosom" but a "vibration" of your soul. You can only experience this astounding event "if" you attend a Baha'i Public Meeting, and "listen" to the Words of Baha'u'llah being recited in Baha'i Prayer. These prayers only last a minute! You will be astounded! Baha'i Public Meetings include:

*Baha'i Fireside: given any evening, usually at the home of a Baha'i couple or at a Baha'i Center. They are free. No donations can be accepted. Dress is casual. Light refreshments are served after the meeting during the Question and Answer Period. One hour in duration. Smoking is allowed outside.

*Baha'i Sunday Devotional: everything is the same as above, but these are on Sunday mornings.

If you want to attend either a Fireside or a Devotional, contact information can be found at the bottom of each of the linked articles below.

The Clouds of Heaven

Baha'u'llah (bah-HAH-oh-LAHHH) was a Persian nobleman, and a direct descendant of King David of Israel. A Jew of the House of David, named Bostanai, lived in the 7th century A.D. in Iraq. He was the "heir" of the Throne of David. He married a Persian princess named Da'rah. Their descendants eventually settled in Elam (a province of Persia), and Mirza Husein-Ali Nuri ("Prince Beauty Exalted of Light") was a direct descendant of Bostani and Da'rah. His father was the Govenor of the Province of Nur ("Light"), in the Alborz Mountains of Iran. The Alborz Mountains are covered with heavy snow year round, and are nicknamed "The Clouds of Heaven".

Tehran, Iran, with the Alborz Mountains in the background.

Baha'is (baw-highzz) refer to Baha'u'llah as "The Blesséd Beauty". He is considered the latest, but not the last Manifestation of God the Father on this planet. Other "Manifestations" of the Father have included Krishna, Buddha, and Others. The next Manifestation of God is "due" about 2863 A.D., or soon thereafter, but not before then.

The Face of Baha'u'llah

The Face of Baha'u'llah is considered "too sacred" to be shown in photograph or art, outside of the Baha'i Holy Shrines in Haifa and Akka, Israel. Baha'is consider Baha'u'llah to be the Manifestation of God the Father on this planet. The Promised One of all religions. The Messenger of God for our Era. The Spirit of Truth. The Holy Ghost in the flesh.

Baha'u'llah founded the Baha'i Faith in 1863 in Baghdad, Iraq. He was later exiled to Acca, Palestine: then a Turkish province. He announced His true station to the World in "The Tablet of Carmel" which was written, and recited, on Mount Carmel, in Palestine, in the year 1891. He died in 1892.

The Baha'i Principles

The Baha'i Faith also teaches....

*One must be sexually pure before marriage, and chaste outside of marriage.
*Liwat (homosexual acts) are actions that have negative consequences for the soul in the Afterlife, so they are "forbidden" for Baha'is.
*There is no "gay marriage" for Baha'is.
*There are no bishops, and no confessions to bishops or priests.
*There is no tithing nor any "tithing settlement" (Baha'is donate to Baha' Funds in amounts they wish)
*There is no polygamy, unless a man is a polygamist before he becomes a Baha'i.
*There is a concept of eternal marriage called "Eternal Union" but no temple rite is necessary.
*There are no secret temple rites.
*There is a "Year of Service" for youth, which is similar to a "mission" but the Youth may date and the year is concentrated on service more than proselyting (no knocking on doors).
*Gossip and backbiting is considered "next to murder" in severity.
*There are three "Kingdoms" of the Afterlife (Malakoot, Jabbaroot, and Lahoot), but only those who are "born again" in this life go to Malakoot (Kingdom of the Angels) in the World to Come.
*There is no reincarnation for human souls (back to this material planet, but other lives on other planets are possible.
*The Souls of the Manifestations of God and Chosen Ones are not "human". Their Souls are the Names and Attributes of ALLAH.
*ALLAH is not a man nor an exalted man. His Essence is Unknowalbe.
*There are no Sunday meetings except "Devotionals" which are one hour, and optional.
*There are Sunday Schools for children under the age of 15, and these last one hour and are optional.
*There are "Summer Institutes" for adults and youth which last several weeks or sometimes longer.
*There is no Priesthood and no Relief Society
*Baha'is meet every 19 days, usually in the evening, for a "Feast": at the homes of the Baha'is or at a Baha'i Center (meeting place)
*A typical Baha'i Community (congregation) has about 9 to 20 adult Members and children.
*Men and women serve equally except on the Universal House of Justice which is male only.
*The Universal House of Justice has 9 elected "House Members": NONE of which is a prophet, nor a seer, nor a revelator.
*Baha'i Houses of Worship (temples) are open for everyone
*There are no Temple Rites, but a once-in-a-lifetime Pilgrimage to the Baha'i Holy Shrines in Haifa and Akka Israel, for those who can afford the trip.
*Jesus is seen as a Messenger of God, and the Son of God, begotten by the Holy Ghost in a NON-physical manner.
*Baha'u'llah is believed to be the Father, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Ghost in the flesh.

For a good "general" introduction to the Baha'i Faith, please read The Prophecies of the Baha'i Seers below.

The Prophecies of the Baha'i Seers

If you don't know much about the Baha'i Faith, and you are not a Mormon (Latter-day Saint), the brief article below is an excellent "introduction".

If you are a Mormon (LDS), then we have prepared a number of articles, at the bottom of this website, under "Articles for Mormon Seekers", that you can read and ponder. Yes, several thousand Mormons have become Baha'is, and many thousands are now "investigating" the Baha'i Faith, from Utah and from all over the world.

A question: What would "prove" to you that the Baha'i Faith is form God? How about...the fulfillment of direct specific prophecies, given years, or decades, before they were fulfilled? Would you consider that "proof" or at least "some evidence" that the Baha'i Faith was from God? If so...keep reading!

Did Baha'i Seers prophesy of World War One, the Spanish Flu Epidemic, the sinking of the Titanic, the Holocaust, the Internet, and the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks many years or decades before these events took place?

An answer: Yes...they DID! Examine the "evidence" for yourself! Please read...


Articles for Mormon Seekers


THE BAHA'I FAITH does ___not___ recognize Joseph Smith as a true Prophet of God in the "Baha'i sense" of the word "Prophet". In Baha'i terms, a "Prophet" refers to a sinless and infallible Manifestation of God. However, the Baha'i Faith also recognizes the existence of "Seers": ordinary "sinful" human beings who have "True Visions". A Baha'i may hold any of the following "views" regarding Joseph Smith:

A) Pro-Joseph Smith View: he was a Seer who prophesied of Baha'u'llah in the "capacity of a Seer but not a Prophet".

B) Anti-Joseph Smith View: he was a fraud and opportunist.

C) No Opinion Joseph Smith View: no opinion either way.

A Baha'i may hold to "A" (pro-Joseph Smith view), or to "B" (anti-Joseph Smith view) or to "C" (no opinion-Joseph Smith view). All three views are acceptable in the Baha'i Faith. Most Baha'is are "C" (No opinion about Joseph Smith or Mormonism).

Prophets and Seers in Baha'i Terminology

In Mormon terms, a Prophet and a Seer is the same thing. However, in Baha'i terms, a "Prophet" is quite different than a "Seer".

Prophets (Manifestations of God)
Sinless and Infallible Revelators
Seers (non-prophets/ordinary humans)
Sinful and Fallible but have "True Visions"

In Mormonism, a Seer is a Prophet, and a Prophet is a Seer. However, in Baha'i terms a "Prophet" is not a "Seer", and a "Seer" is not a "Prophet". In Baha'i terms, a "Prophet" is a "Manifestation of God": infallible and sinless, but a "Seer" is any man or woman, capable of any sin, who nevertheless has true visions.

Baha'is CANNOT accept Joseph Smith as a "Prophet" in the Baha'i "sense" of that term, but they "may" view him as a "Seer" or even as a "fraud" or have "no opinion" regarding him and his alleged Revelations.

NOTE: Baha'is may view Joseph Smith as a fraud, and "The Book of Mormon" as pure fiction, if they so desire. They may share this view (Anti-Joseph Smith View) with other Baha'is: as long as they 1) do not become argumentative and 2) do not try to FORCE other Baha'is to share their view. Some Anti-Joseph Smith Baha'is __do__ in fact try to become argumentative and "force" other Baha'is to believe as they do. That is wrong, and a "violation" of Baha'i Principles. Spreading negative rumors about anyone, Baha'i or non-baha'i, is also a violation of Baha'i holy law. One may be an Anti-Joseph Smith Baha'i, and share this personal view with other Baha'is, as long as one does NOT become argumentative nor does one spread NEGATIVE RUMORS about those they disagree with.

Baha'i Faith is Independent of Mormon Claims

The great majority of Baha'is, even in Utah, do not spend much time at all, if any, considering the claims of Joseph Smith, or Xorol R. Oliver. Most Baha'is have a "No-Opinion Joseph Smith" View: that subject does not concern them, and many Baha'is think that Joseph Smith and Mormonism are "irrelevant" to the Baha'i Faith.

The claims of Baha'u'llah (bah-HAH-oh-LAHHH), the Glory of God, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Ghost incarnate (in flesh), do not rise or fall on Joseph Smith or Mormonism! If Mormonism is true, then Baha'u'llah is the Manifestation of God the Father on this planet. If Mormonism is false, then Baha'u'llah is the Manifestation of God the Father on this planet.

The Baha'i Faith also teaches that "families are forever" and in eternal marriage (which is called "Eternal Union"). No priesthood sealing is necessary for Eternal Union in the Baha'i Faith. All that is necessary is that a Baha'i couple becomes "one" physically and spiritually. You can learn more about this in the article linked below titled The Baha'i Faith: An Introduction for Mormons.

This Website Takes a Pro-Joseph Smith View

This website takes a "Pro-Joseph Smith View" that he was a "Seer" who prophesied of Baha'u'llah in the capacity of a Seer. This website is Personal Opinion, and should not be construed as representing any "official" Baha'i position or statement.

This website, which is private and not official, recognizes Xorol R. Oliver (1889-1955) as a true SEER. She was born in Salt Lake City in 1889, and died in Evanston, Illinois, in 1955. She was raised as a Mormon, but because a Baha'i in California in 1930. She claimed to have many out-of-body experiences to the Spirit-World, and she lectured on her "visions" in Berkeley, California, in 1930. According to Xorol ("ksor-rawl"), The Book of Mormon was written by a group of Rosicrucian monks, called the Zionitic Brotherhood, who dwelt in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. The book was not ancient history, but a prophetic parable about the future of America. Joseph Smith Jr. was "chosen" by one of the monks, to bring forth their work to the American public. Xorol R. Oliver taught that Joseph Smith was a true SEER at first, but later "fell" because of sexual sin. You can read more about this below.

There are Baha'is who are Anti-Joseph Smith, believing he was a fraud/opportunist, and believe that The Book of Mormon is not inspired of God in any way. Again, they may believe that as "Personal Belief" but that too is not "official" Baha'i doctrine. The only "official" Baha'i doctrine is that Joseph Smith was not a "Prophet" in the Baha'i sense of the word "Prophet" (i.e. a sinless and infallible Manifestation of God).

Baha'is can hold any of the following views regarding Joseph Smith:

*Pro-Joseph Smith View: He was a true Seer, but not a "Prophet" in the Baha'i sense.

**Anti-Joseph Smith View: He was a fraud.

***No Opinion-Joseph Smith: No opinion either way.

All three views are acceptable in the Baha'i Faith. Most Baha'is, even in Utah, hold the No Opinion-Joseph Smith View.


In August of 1842, Joseph Smith declared that "the Holy Ghost is now in a State of Probation". The term "Probation" in The Book of Mormon means a mortal life on Earth. Someone on planet Earth, in August 1843, the Holy Ghost was living a mortal life. Was Joseph Smith referring to himself? He never claimed to be the Holy Ghost incarnate (in the flesh). However, there was a Man living in Iran (Persia) in August, 1843, Who later claimed to be the Holy Ghost incarnate. His birth name was Mirza Husein-Ali Nuri ("Prince Beauty-Exalted of Light"). He was a Persian noableman, and also a direct descendant of King David of Israel. He was a "Davidic Prince". He later changed His Name to BAHA'U'LLAH (Bah-HAH-oh-LAHHH): which means, in Arabic, "THE GLORY OF GOD".

In 1863, in Baghdad, Iraq, Baha'ullah (bah-HAH-oh-LAHHH) founded the BAHA'I FAITH: an independent world religion which now has about six million Believers (called Baha'is) in 120 countries.

In April of 1843, Joseph Smith heard an audible Voice which said:

"My son, if thou livest until thou art 85 years of age, thou shalt see the face of the Son of Man." (D&C 130:15)

For all but six days, Joseph Smith would be 85 in the year 1891.

Joseph Smith made plans to leave the Church in the care of his brother, Hyrum Smith, whom he ordained "President of the Church" a few weeks before they both were killed, in Carthage Illinois, in Uune of 1844. Joseph Smith had plans to take his secret group, called "The Holy Order", with him and go to Palestine: there to await the coming of the Son of Man in the year 1891. In that year, Baha'u'llah (bah-HAH-oh-LAHHH) climbed Mount Carmel and shouted:

"Call out to Zion, O Carmel, He Who was hid behind veils is come! Verily, this is the Day to hear the Voice, and see the Face, of the Son of Man" (Baha'u'llah, Tablet of Carmel, April, 1891)

Baha'u'llah (bah-HAH-oh-LAHHH) was NOT the return of Jesus! He was the latest, but not last, incarnation of the HOLY GHOST. The Holy Ghost entered the body of Jesus during His baptism, and left Jesus on the Cross. According to the Bible and The Book of Mormon, the Holy Ghost "begot" Jesus, and is the "Father". The Holy Ghost told Joseph Smith:

"Ye were in the beginning with the Father, that which is Spirit, even the Spirit of Truth." (D&C 93:23)

Baha'u'llah is the Holy Ghost incarnate.

Joseph Smith taught that Jesus was "the Son of Jehovah" and not Jehovah Himself. D&C section 93, teaches that the Father is the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is the Father. Mormons today, are taught that Jesus is Jehovah, and the Father and the Holy Ghost are two separate Beings: contradicting the teachings of Joseph Smith and D&C section 93 verse 23.

Joseph Smith NOT a "Prophet" in the Baha'i Sense of that Term

The Baha'is (bah-highzz) are NOT required to accept Joseph Smith as a Prophet of God. In fact, Baha'is are required to NOT accept him as a Prophet. In Baha'i terms a "Prophet" means a sinless and infallible Manifestation of God on Earth. The Baha'i Faith also accepts the concept of "Seers". In Baha'i terms, a "Seer" is NOT a Prophet, but an ordinary "sinful" human being who has "true visions". Baha'is MAY accept, or reject, Joseph Smith as a "Seer". Baha'is cannot accept Joseph Smith as a "Prophet" but they "may" (if they so choose) accept him, or reject him, as a "Seer".

The Teachings of Xorol R. Oliver: "The Mormon Prophetess"

A woman named Xorol (ksor-rawl) Robinson Oliver (1889-1955) was born a Mormon in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1889. She was a descendant of Mormon Apostle Willard Richards. Xorol (ksor-rawl) claimed to be a "Seer" and to have visited the Spirit-World many times in Out-of-Body Experiences. She became a Baha'i in 1830. According to the information she received during her OBE's to the Spirit-World:

*GOD is not an exalted Man, but the Universal Mind of the Cosmos
*The Names and Attributes of GOD incarnate on Earth and other planets as Messengers of God: called "Manifestations of God"
*Mankind evolved from lower forms of life.
*Adam was not the first man, but the first man with a God-Breathed Soul.
*All descendants of Adam "inherit" of "copy" of his God-Breathed Soul.
*Celestial beings "reincarnate" on this planet, and others.
*Telestial beings have "one mortal life" per planet (consecutive incarnation)
*Joseph Smith was a true SEER who "fell" into sin in 1835, and all his "revelations" (Book of Abraham, Kinderhood Plates, plural marriage, etc.) after that time were NOT of God.
*The Book of Mormon was written by a group of Rosicrucian monks in Pennsylvania, as a prophetic parable about America.
*The Angel Moroni was not a long-dead Nephite, but a flesh and blood man who belonged to the Rosicrucian Order who wrote The Book of Mormon.
*The Rosicrucian order (Zionitic Brotherhood) chose Joseph Smith to bring forth THE BOOK OF MORMON as a witness and a warning.
*Baha'u'llah was the Holy Ghost in the flesh on this planet, as was Krishna, Buddha, and some others.
*The Garden of Eden story in Genesis is a parable, not literal, but the story is based upon real historical people, Pharaoh Ay ("eye") and princess Khiyah, who lived in a literal walled Garden in Egypt, about 1350 B.C.
*Pharaoh Ay was one of the incarnations of the Soul of Adam.
*The "talking snake" in Genesis was not a literal snake, but refers to the "Cobra crown" that Egyptian pharaohs and queens wore on their heads: symbolic of the "Wisdom of the Gods".
*Khiyah ("Eve") was not made from a literal rib from Adam's (Ay's) chest, but from the "rib" in his loins (i.e. she was his grand-daughter)
*Joseph Smith "fell" because of sexual sin, like King David.
*Polygamy is an "abomination" and should not be practiced except in the most exceptional of cases.
*THE bOOK OF MORMON is not literal history, but rather a prophetic parable about the future of America, when the dark races ("Lamanites") shall become the great majority, and the white skinned race ("Nephites") shall become a small minority, and protect themselves in fortresses, but will ultimately be destroyed by the dark skinned races.
*Jesus came to Salt Lake City in September, 1912, and stayed for three days and three nights, and The Salt Lake Tribune did an article on Him and His visit titled "Prophet of Peace Comes to the City".

The Ziontic Brotherhood was an order of German-speaking Rosicrucian monks, from Mormont, in what is now Belgium. They came to Pennsylvania (Lehigh County) in the late 1600s. They later settled in Lancaster County, in Ephrata. They build a round wooden Temple, with an Altar in the middle. They prayed kneeling in a circle around the central Alter in their wooden Temple, on "Zion Hill" in Ephrata. They wore all white. They wrote in Tironian Latin (shorthand Latin), which highly resembles "Reformed Egyptian". The baptized for the dead. They claimed to be heirs of the Melchizedek Priesthood.

Xorol ("ksor-rawl") taught that Joseph Smith Jr. was "chosen" by a group of men, the Zionitic Brotherhood, to bring forth The Book of Mormon in 1830, but that he later "fell" into sexual sin, and his "post-fall" Revelations (Book of Abraham, Kinderhood Plates, Nauvoo polygamy) were not of God, because he was no longer a Seer.

You can read more about Xorol R. Oliver and her amazing teachings and prophecies in the links below. Yes, she was a "real" person! She held several patents with the U.S. Patent Office for electrolysis equipment. She placed many adverts in The Oakland Tribune in the late 1920s and early 1930s. She died a Baha'i, in Evanston, Illinois, in 1955.

Several thousand Mormons have become Baha'is, and many more are now studying the Faith. The Baha'i Faith has no missionaries. If you want to study it, you must read Internet articles, and attend a Baha'i Center and get books about the Faith. Contact information is in the links below.

NOTE: Baha'is can believe that Joseph Smith was a fraud and charlatan, and that "The Book of Mormon" was written by him, or by him and others, to merely make money! This view is also acceptable in the Faith. Most Baha'is have "no opinion" about Joseph Smith or Mormonism or The Book of Mormon.

"My son, if thou livest until thou art eighty-five years of age {1891], thou shalt see the face of the Son of Man." (The LORD to Joseph Smith, recorded in Doctrine and Covenants section 130:15)

"Verily, this is the Day to hear the Voice, and to see the Face, of the Son of Man." (Baha'u'llah, Tablet of Carmel, 1891)

The Bahai Faith: An Introduction for Mormons

Do Mormon Temples Testify of Baha'u'llah?

Did Jesus Visit Salt Lake Lake City in Late September 1912?

The Prophecies and Teachings of
Xorol R. Oliver

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